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This is because the population is distributed, as is the racial composition of the city. 36.9% have children under 18 living with them, 48.5% are married couples living together, 33.7% are born into non-family families, 12.0% have a housekeeper with husband and 15.4% live in a detached house. The poverty line is $16,000, which includes $5,500 for those under 18 and $7,600 for adults over 65, including $15.5 for those 65 and older, according to the Census Bureau.

The median income for households in the city is $40,045, and the median income for families is $42,411. There are 339 housing units, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. At the time of the 2000 census, 1.2 million people, or about one in ten, lived in the city, with an average age of 35.

The city also benefits economically from nearby recreational areas, including Cedar Creek Lake, founded in 1964, and Purtis Creek State Recreation Area, founded in 1988. Many of Eustace's locations are used in the film, including the nearby private lake, which the film calls "Lost Lake." Payne Springs is a warm and welcoming community located just a few miles north of downtown and about half a mile from the Texas State Capitol.

US Route 175 runs 18 km southeast of Athens, the county seat, through the city of Eustace and Payne Springs, and through the city of Athens. J.M. Beltram's investigation was the first in the United States and the only one of its kind in Texas.

The developed city was first called "Moseley" by W.L. Mosely, who - of course - sold his railway rights for Beltram's surveying and sold the first property in the city. The post office in Jolo was founded in 1900 and renamed Eustace in the same year, after the captain. According to the script, "Eustace" retains its original name and a scene-set urban setting.

Captain Eustace came to Henderson County from Virginia in 1867 and settled near the county town of Athens, where he was active in local and county politics. The 1900 census showed a population of 150, but in 1904 the town had more than 1000 inhabitants and a post office with an office on the first block of the main road.

The early economy of the city was mainly based on cotton, but the discovery of oil and the production of petroleum products gave a boost to the local economy in the 1970s and 1980s. The population grew slowly, from 450 in 1940 to an estimated 662 in 1990, and the economy shifted away from the cotton industry to the oil, gas, and coal industries.

Many novels have been adapted into film and television, such as Smiley's People and Tinker Tailor, in which Alec Guinness played his first role as a spy. Then came the Cold War in 1963 - with spy novels in which agents were forced to carry out one last risky operation in divided Berlin. This was followed by others, including the series "Field - Running Agent" in the 1970s and 1980s and the novel "The Man in Black" in 1990. This raised a recurring issue, namely the moral boundaries that spying entails, and the difficulty of distinguishing good from bad types.

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