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This charming gathering place on Fayetteville's historic square, housed in a former pastry shop, doctor's office and salon, serves chicken - fried steak, hot dogs, hamburgers, sandwiches, chicken wings and more. Domino's Pizza Store (75124) is a place of hunger - of free speech - where you can find free pizzas for all expressions and - make - your - mouth, as well as a wide range of other foods.

Whether fried catfish, smothered hamburger or steak, the chicken - fried steaks and catfish burgers keep themselves lively. The mashed potatoes contain delicious tater lumps, and the fried octopus and berry pie are worth fighting for. This may be the best coleslaw in Texas, but the mashed potatoes contain delicious "lumps of coleslaw" and are peaceful.

The fried sweet potato chips are not too sweet and the fresh green beans with bacon and onion remind me of my Sunday dinner at Grandma's. In no case should you do without creamy mashed potatoes without peeling them. Meanwhile, the chicken - fried steaks are the best I've ever encountered, topped with a delicious sauce and served with mounds of real mashed potatoes. The rolls get more good marks than the profane ones, with well-seasoned and hand-pressed meat pies. The fried chicken steak is a must, but it's not the only good thing about the fried catfish burger.

The homemade onion rings have a spicy cornmeal crust and the par side is made by thin cutting of the onion ring. The T - BLT is baked, fried and green and goes perfectly with the homemade chicken - fried catburger.

Don't forget to make your mom proud, Pacific Veggie Pizza, for example, is bursting with vegetables of all kinds, from green beans, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, peppers and whatever your heart desires. The local vegetable is the star of a variety of dishes that are prepared from scratch, including mashed potatoes, fried okras, sweet potato fries and more.

When it comes to the actual food, focus on roasted catfish, roast pork chops and mashed potatoes, but don't overdo it with meatloaf with homemade rolls and chips with bowls. Otherwise, try the chicken - fried steak, fried chicken steaks and chicken and pork ribs. I'm not sure what to do. # I've tried them all and also tried that they're a common selection, so try everything.

Today, I am visiting Eustace, Texas, in Henderson County and meeting with families, school officials and community leaders to discuss how these meals can help supplement their summer meals. Acting U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and Texas Department of Agriculture Secretary Dr. Brandon Tatum will visit the Community Food Pantry, a food and nutrition bank for low-income families in the Hendrix County community of EUSTACES, to meet and discuss the benefits of the project. Today I visit family members of children who need food, food banks and other food programs in Eastace and Henderson counties.

The track, which was once part of the historic Spur Ranch and was born with the arrival of the Burlington Railroad, I visit the rolling grasslands of Eustace, a small town of about 2,000 people in Henderson County. With its weathered tin roof, the feeder house is for fun, from rafting to Rio Frio and a host of other fun activities.

The food is home-made, so there are sweet desserts - such as sweet potato pie and hot dog. The crowds at lunchtime are a testament to the popularity of the daily menu.

The food is topped off with a rich, creamy dip sauce, and if your order is just pasta or pizza, you can be sure that Domino's 75124 will do exactly the same thing as you order and deliver directly to your door. You can also download the free smartphone app for dominoes to your phone, tablet or tablet computer to access the menu. This is a great way to get exactly what you want when you need it - and get it right on your doorstep. For more information call (713) 784-7512 or (75123).

These maggots are reminiscent of a lunch in church, but here someone (or more) knows how to cook.

Co owner Leonard Bludworth likes to joke that when you try to get into your head, your tongue will be cut off when you turn a plate of food upside down. The kitchen does everything, including grills - crusted cherry pies that would make June Cleaver proud. For breakfast, handmade doughnuts appear, but you can't eat them because sooner or later lunch rolls around. Peanut butter cakes are their own little yum factory, and they make a huge variety of cakes every day. I'm fond of peanut butter and jelly sandwich and the chocolate chip cookie doughnut because they're so delicious.

Chicken liver is on the menu, a rarity these days, but frankly, the number of ingredients in the two dessert boxes could eclipse dinner, and they almost outshine the main course. The tender meat, wrapped in a crust with the perfect fat quotient, is topped off with a thick white sauce. I hate to say it, but the sauce on the chicken fries was really peppery and was recommended to me by a local in nearby Roosevelt's and Young's. Was he right? Hand-roasted pork chops and chicken - fried steak - have knocked out this sauce in no time, as have chicken and pork ribs.

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More About Eustis